Buyer Beware: A Mammogram’s Price Can Vary By Nearly $1,000, Study Finds

This article is a great reminder that we should all be better informed consumers of health care.  Why do hospitals charge several hundred percent more for the same services of no better quality than offered at independent offices and facilities?  Answer: Because they can, and because they assume no one knows any better.  That kind of logic cannot stand in the era of the “Affordable” Care Act where most people have deductibles so high that they are actually paying for these services out of their own pockets.  The only way to bring costs down is to have price transparency and … Continue reading

A Brave Doctor Takes A Stand

Dr. Kris Held is an ophthalmologist in Texas.  She is someone who puts a higher value on the doctor:patient relationship as defined by Hippocrates than she does working in a bureaucratic system where doctors and patients must get permission from a third party to agree on a treatment plan.  Ever since I started following her even before I joined the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, I have been impressed with her intelligence, courage, and tenacity.  It was brave doctors like her, Dr. Jane Orient, Dr. Keith Smith (at Surgery Center of Oklahoma), and Dr. Lee Hieb who inspired me to … Continue reading

Free Market Healthcare Reform in Maine

From The Free Market Medical Association Blog from 08/26/2015: Free Market Healthcare Reform in Maine Jeff Cargerman As the Free Market Healthcare movement grows and physicians, businesses, and policymakers around the country take notice, one legislative body is already taking action: The State of Maine’s Committee on Insurance and Financial Services. A bill was introduced this year by a group of Representatives designed to help patients determine healthcare costs ahead of a procedure or service. That would be a far cry from the typical current hospital experience. “An Act To Encourage Health Insurance Consumers To Comparison Shop for Health Care Procedures and Treatment” would … Continue reading

If You’re On Medicare, You Should Be Angry

Another great piece by Dr. Keith Smith, cofounder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. He talks about how the government set up Medicare like a Ponzi scheme. He has some good ideas on how to fix healthcare for generations to come without hurting the people who have paid into the system for years and now need it. … Continue reading


This is taken from  It is scary but true! Joe Raedle / Getty by MICHELLE MOONS3 Aug 2015Ontario, CA2,253 America faces a deep shortage of doctors as Obamacare is implemented. That is the view shared by 100 health care professionals who gathered at the 33rd annual meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness in Ontario, California over the weekend. They forecast a future of decreased quality of health care and access to doctors if current policies continue. “What do I mean by medical meltdown? Well, sadly ,I’m here to tell you that the medical care you’ve enjoyed in the past in your … Continue reading

Lessons Learned From The $153,000 Rattlesnake Bite

This story about a man who received a hospital bill of over $153,000 because of a rattlesnake bite has gone viral on social media. (For the Washington Post July 20,2015 story, see below.)   It is one of many examples of out of control hospital and pharmacy charges that make everyone so afraid of seeking medical care because of the overinflated costs. The article does a good job at shedding light on the monopolistic behavior of some of the pharmaceutical companies.  They use loopholes in patent law, as well as shady payoffs to other potential competitors to corner the market for … Continue reading

Dr. Robert Nelson: “Lab Test Billed to Insurance, $50… Price if Paid Directly, $5… Any Questions?”

The article below is written by Dr. Robert Nelson, a Direct Primary Care Physician.  It is taken from The Direct Primary Care Journal.  He uses some great examples of how much money people can save if they deal in cash prices directly with doctors and labs, rather than use the expensive insurance middleman.  Like him, we are able to get great cash rates for our patients as well, although the numbers are not exactly the same. He exposes the health insurance paradox.  Dealing with insurance companies causes an artificial increase in prices.  When people are presented with these artificially high prices, … Continue reading

An Obamacare Loophole

    This is something we have been talking about for a long time. This article sums it up nicely. Direct Primary Care practices like ours work well with faith based health sharing ministries to make health care affordable for all who qualify. It exempts patients from the ACA tax and saves a lot of money compared to the Obamacare exchange plans. Save money and opt out of Obamacare…a win/win!!   Michael A. Ciampi, M.D. From The Direct Primary Care Journal: An Obamacare Loophole — A small group of Christians got together to help each other pay for some medical … Continue reading

Dr. Keith Smith: The government wants you to die on a budget

The following is taken from the blog page of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Dr. Keith Smith and the work he is doing, and inspiring others to do, to save American medicine. After reading/viewing this blog, the biggest question that comes to my mind is this, “The AARP supported (and continues to support) the “Affordable” Care Act.  Obamacare is now effectively putting a bounty on the heads of senior citizens.  So why does the AARP have any members left??!” – Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.   The government wants … Continue reading

Surprise! That Urgent Care Center May Send You A Big Bill (Just Like The ER)

The following article comes from the Kaiser Health News.  It makes some great points about how complicated health insurance is.  It seems as if every change made seems help the insurance companies make more money, at the expense of the patients.   The article does make you wonder.  Why does health care have to be so complicated and expensive?  The answer is that it does not have to be.  If patients contract directly with their doctor, the price of health care goes down.  You get not just an insurance card, that may or may not help you meet your needs; it … Continue reading