Why I Do Not Support The American Academy of Family Physicians

For many years, in fact since I was a newly minted physician in my internship, I was a proud member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  I felt that it was an organization that was all about supporting the rights and privileges of family doctors like myself.  I thought that it would help advocate for its member physicians and their patients. Several years ago, I realized how wrong I was.  Like many other big organizations, it became too wrapped up in politics and advancing its own interests above those of the people who they are supposed to represent, … Continue reading

Why We Stopped Accepting Insurance

I wrote the essay below over two years ago, on the eve of our canceling our contracts with insurance companies and opting out of Medicare.  It explains our motivations for this “radical” move.  I think that it is appropriate that this is my first blog entry. A few things have changed since I wrote this.  First, my father passed away about a year after I wrote it.  He was a great physician, in whose footsteps I am trying to follow.  Second, the repressive Medicare SGR formula alluded to in the essay was recently replaced with another bureaucratic scheme that hurts doctors … Continue reading