Why I Do Not Support The American Academy of Family Physicians

For many years, in fact since I was a newly minted physician in my internship, I was a proud member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  I felt that it was an organization that was all about supporting the rights and privileges of family doctors like myself.  I thought that it would help advocate for its member physicians and their patients. Several years ago, I realized how wrong I was.  Like many other big organizations, it became too wrapped up in politics and advancing its own interests above those of the people who they are supposed to represent, … Continue reading

Open Letter to the American Board of Pediatrics by Dr. Meg Edison

From the Rebel M.D. Blog. Brava Dr. Edison!!!!! Once it was a great source of pride when a resident physician graduated from his/her residency program and passed a grueling examination in order to become board certified.  Unfortunately, when you mention board certification to a physician now, it evokes a sense of dread.  Now it means unending paperwork, studying for exams that have nothing to do with their practice, and writing checks. Now, the specialty board organizations that grant certifications, often that a doctor cannot be employed without, are exploiting physicians.  They keep adding more and more requirements to get and maintain … Continue reading