The latest update from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons on Obamacare: According to Affordable Care Act (ACA or “ObamaCare”) architect Jonathan Gruber, ObamaCare is working just as intended. The main problem is that the mandate penalty (which is actually a non-mandate, non-penalty tax, according to the U.S. Supreme Court) is too small, in his view. If we could attract more low-risk people to sign up, premiums would fall, and insurers would flock to the market instead of leaving. The average 22% increase in premiums is not a crisis, he says, because it affects so few people. Most (85%) … Continue reading

Why I Do Not Support The American Academy of Family Physicians

For many years, in fact since I was a newly minted physician in my internship, I was a proud member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  I felt that it was an organization that was all about supporting the rights and privileges of family doctors like myself.  I thought that it would help advocate for its member physicians and their patients. Several years ago, I realized how wrong I was.  Like many other big organizations, it became too wrapped up in politics and advancing its own interests above those of the people who they are supposed to represent, … Continue reading

The Dry Tortugas and Being a Deplorably Good Physician by Dr. Marilyn Singleton

This is a brilliant piece by my friend, Dr. Marilyn Singleton.  She is both a doctor of medicine and a doctor of law.  She does a fantastic job at calling out the political establishment for what they have done, and are planning to do to health care in America.  Not only will you not be able to keep your doctor, but your doctor will not be able to keep his/her practice open after they are done. This article comes from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) website, Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.   By Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD Hillary … Continue reading


  There is a lot of attention being paid to the surprise move by the people of the United Kingdom who last week voted to exercise their right to opt out of the European Union, aka “The Brexit.”  Those who benefit from maintaining the status quo are shocked and aghast.  They should not have been so unprepared for the result.  When you oppress a free people long enough and make them do things that they know are against their own self interest, and may even bring about the end of their own existence as they know it, at some point, … Continue reading

Electronic Medical Records:The Potemkin Village of Healthcare

I truly believe that the 12 page boilerplate notes generated by a hospital EMR system for a problem that would have been a paragraph or two in a paper chart actually will be proven to be dangerous. Because the information is not concise, it is hard for clinicians to sift through all the prefabricated chaff to find the few grains of pertinent information. Also, once erroneous information is entered into a system’s EMR, it is there for eternity. In a paper chart, you put a line through it and initial it. Problem solved. EMRs are a boon for tech companies, … Continue reading

So You Think HIPAA Protects Your Privacy?…WRONG!

About 20 years ago, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) was passed during the Clinton Administration under the guise of improving standards and enforcement of patient privacy.  The government maintained that people’s personal health information might be at risk because of loose lipped or malicious health care professionals.  They invented a health privacy crisis that, at the time, did not exist.  Remember, there were almost no electronic medical records in 1996, so there was very little out there to be hacked back then.  The government maintained that the time honored Hippocratic Oath that physicians have sworn to uphold for many … Continue reading

“Repeal and Replace”? No Thanks by Dr. Keith Smith

Anyone who knows me is very well aware that Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and the Free Market Medical Association, is a hero of mine. I could not agree more that the solution to what now truly is a health care crisis (because of Obamacare, not in spite of it) will come from the grassroots, not from the central planners in government and big industry.   Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.   “Repeal and Replace”?  No Thanks Click here to read online and discuss. By: G. Keith Smith, M.D. – Republicans are being urged to “repeal and … Continue reading

American Academy of Family Physicians Jumps on Anti-Law Enforcement Bandwagon

Every time I think that the American Academy of Family Physicians cannot any further off track, they prove me wrong. The AAFP has always been a very weak organization in terms of advocating for their members. The last straw for me was when they endorsed The “Affordable” Care Act. At that point, I cancelled my membership in favor of an organization that actually does advocate for physicians and their patients (The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons). Their latest resolution described below is beyond unbelievable. They are jumping on the bandwagon condemning our nation’s police officers, offering up a few … Continue reading

A Brave Doctor Takes A Stand

Dr. Kris Held is an ophthalmologist in Texas.  She is someone who puts a higher value on the doctor:patient relationship as defined by Hippocrates than she does working in a bureaucratic system where doctors and patients must get permission from a third party to agree on a treatment plan.  Ever since I started following her even before I joined the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, I have been impressed with her intelligence, courage, and tenacity.  It was brave doctors like her, Dr. Jane Orient, Dr. Keith Smith (at Surgery Center of Oklahoma), and Dr. Lee Hieb who inspired me to … Continue reading

Assume The Physician

  If you are looking for a good book to read that is both deliciously sarcastic and entertaining, while at the same time very educational and enlightening, I strongly recommend Assume The Physician by John F. Hunt, M.D. It is a novel that tells the story of a young intern, Dr. Eddie Marcus, as he goes through his first year of training after medical school.  Each chapter addresses a different aspect of the dysfunction of the American medical system, with a few commentaries about society in general thrown in.  It will simultaneously make you laugh, while at the same time … Continue reading