Helpful Links

For our patients’ benefit, we have listed by category some helpful links for health education, education about the world of health care, as well as others that are interesting, funny, or could save you time and money:

Discounted Medications and Cash Friendly Doctors and Surgery  (A website to compare prices of brand name and generic medications at major drugstore chains.  Get their coupon and show it the pharmacist of your choice, either printed or on your smartphone.)

Blink Health (A website to get cash discounts at local and national pharmacies.  You search for your generic medication on their site, pay for it online, print your receipt, then take it to the participating pharmacy to pick it up.)

NeedyMeds  (A website that serves as a hub for pharmaceutical companies’  patient assistance programs to get free or discounted brand name and generic prescriptions, as well as a source for information on free support programs for patients with a specific diagnosis)

Surgery Center of Oklahoma  (They post the cash price for surgeries they do there.  While you may not choose to make a trip to Oklahoma to have surgery, this is a great website to visit to research how much surgeries really should cost without the price inflation caused by dealing with “non-profit” hospitals and insurance conglomerates.  I have visited SCO and met its founders, Dr. Keith Smith and Dr. Steve Lantier.  They are true heroes!)

MediBid  (An online service that pairs prospective patients with doctors and facilities with competitive, transparent pricing.)

Surgeo  (A website that offers patients comprehensive cash pricing for common surgeries with an ever-growing network of surgeons across the country.)

Healthcare Bluebook  (A website for researching cash prices on many common medical services and procedures.)

The Self-Pay Patient  (A great website and blog to use as a resource for patients who want to pay cash for medical services, surgeries, medications, etc.  It even has information about medical tourism.)

The Wedge of Health Freedom  (A website sponsored by The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom.  It is a resource for patients looking for doctors who do not submit bills or information to insurance companies or the government.  It promotes price transparency and patient privacy.)



Faith Based Health Ministries: (Technically more like a co-op than health insurance, but members are protected from financial ruin from major medical illness.  Also, they are not fined under the Obamacare penalties)

Liberty Health Share

Medi-Share Ministry

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Samaritan Ministries


Direct Primary Care (DPC) Resources:

DPC Frontier’s Practice Mapper  (This link goes directly to the DPC Frontier website’s page to find a DPC practice anywhere in the country.  It is developed by Dr. Phil Eskew.  He is both a DPC doctor as well as a lawyer who is a leader in the DPC movement.  Other pages on the site are extremely useful for doctors who are interested in converting to Direct Primary Care.)

I Am Direct Care  (A website listing many Direct Primary Care practices, as well as organizations which support the DPC movement.)

New England DPC Alliance  (A link to the Facebook page of the recently formed New England DPC Alliance.  It includes practices in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut)



Health Care Reform Organizations: (Organizations that advocate for the rights of patients and doctors to work together without intrusion by third parties, and to protect patient privacy)

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

Free Market Medical Association

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

Doctors 4 Patient Care Foundation


Health Care Reform Blogs:

Authentic Medicine  (Authored by Dr. Douglas Farrago, formerly of Maine.  It is an educational, sarcastic, and often funny take on what is wrong with health care today)

Dr Keith Smith’s Blog  (Dr. Keith Smith is cofounder of both the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and the Free Market Medical Association.  He advocates for price transparency and for more free market principles being introduced into health care.)

Rebel MD  “The Voice of Hippocratic Medicine in America” (A blog with many contributors who point out what is wrong with the health care system in America today, with suggestions on how to make it better.)

The Sovereign Patient  (A blog authored by Dr. Robert Nelson.   Dedicated to: Restoring Patient Centered Care, Supporting Independent Physicians, Promoting Free Market Solutions & Seeking Sustainable Fiscal Policy)

Kris Held, M.D.  (Dr. Kris Held is an ophthalmologist in Texas.  She is a physician who speaks bravely and eloquently on behalf of her patients and advocating for a more pure doctor:patient relationship by eliminating the insurance middleman from the equation.)


Health Education:  

Mayo Clinic Healthy Lifestyle Page

Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter

Joslin Diabetes Center Education Page

Centers for Disease Control

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Health Library

Oceans Dental Group  (Great information about dental health and prevention)