Insurance Companies Already Hitting New Lows in 2017

Welcome 2017.

After the first business week of the year has concluded, it is time to share the newest way insurance companies have hit a new low.

An elderly couple came in for a visit a few days ago with letters in hand from their Medicare (Dis)Advantage Insurance Contractor. The letters told me that two medicines they are taking have cheaper and equally effective alternatives that I should prescribe for them to save money.

The problem is that that statement was absolutely false!

One medicine is levothyroxine, a generic thyroid hormone that she needs to treat an underactive thyroid. The other is a slow release version of nitroglycerin for his heart condition. Both medications are fairly inexpensive and have been generic for a long time. Neither has an alternative medicine that is cheaper. The patients are confused, and I am furious.

Medicare and Medicare “Advantage” plans are holding our senior citizens hostage. So many are afraid to seek any kind of care that is not approved or covered by their insurance, even if it is less expensive to pay cash.

We need to de-program Americans from thinking that the insurance companies have a right to push us around!

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Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.

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