We’re Back!

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  After enjoying another beautiful Maine summer, it is time to end our hiatus and start blogging again.

We are very happy to announce that we have beefed up our Helpful Links page.  We frequently get calls and e-mails from not only our own patients, but also people across the country asking for help in finding transparent, cash pricing for medications and medical services.

We have added several sites for people to research and use to save money when comparison shopping for their health care, while at the same time not settling for lower quality.  In fact, in most instances, when you deal with a physician with whom you are having a cash transaction, your quality is greatly increased because they are more responsive to your wishes because they are contracting with you, not an insurance conglomerate.

We are also adding a section in Helpful Links for patients and doctors alike to learn more about Direct Primary Care.  It links to websites where patients can also find DPC doctors around the country.

We hope that everyone finds the new and improved Helpful Links page very helpful in improving their health, saving money, and restoring their faith in American medicine as we inject price transparency and free market principles into healthcare.

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