Collecting Your Data Through Employer Wellness Programs

Most employers, especially small to medium sized businesses really have their employees’ best interest at heart.  They know that happy and healthy employees are absent from their job less and are more productive.  I have talked to many and truly believe that they have no other agenda than maintaining a healthy workforce, with the side benefit of having lower insurance costs as a result.

That being said, it is scary to think that some of these programs are subject to third party data mining without the express consent of the employees.  I see this as a violation of their personal privacy.

Some wellness programs even want to track what groceries their employees buy.  This is absolutely Orwellian!

Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.

From the Citizens Council for Health Care Freedom e-newsletter:



Collecting Your Data Through Employer Wellness Programs

The fast-growing employee wellness industry is now worth $8 billion. Often, employees are encouraged to participate in exchange for reduced premiums and don’t realize that their data can be shared. According to the World Privacy Forum, “You cannot automatically assume that wellness programs are neutral programs designed to help employees manage and improve their health.” These wellness programs often catalog and share data with third-party marketers, database companies, and more.

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