The Case For Employers, Doctors, and Patients Contracting Directly

Employers are being financially crushed trying to pay for health coverage for their employees.  Doctors are being financially crushed trying to deal with the ever changing and invasive requirements foisted on them by the government and insurance companies.

Employers are paying too much money.  Providers are not making enough to keep their offices open.  It makes you where all this money is going.  Here is a hint: The big insurance companies are making tons of money because the American public is compelled by law to purchase their product.  Their stock values have increased 200 to 300 percent since passage of Obamacare.

The “non-profit” hospitals have the capital to buy up prime real estate, build opulent surgery centers, pay their administrators huge bonuses, and take over all the independent practices in their areas.  They do all this while claiming that they are broke and need more public funding…as well as beg for donations in front of Walmart.

It is time for doctors, patients, and employers to call “BS” on them.  Perhaps if the producers of healthcare (doctors) worked directly with and for the consumers (employers and patients), they could cut out these very expensive middlemen.

Everybody wins…except the crony capitalist insurance conglomerates.  I, for one, am okay with that!

Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.


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