Can The Patient-Doctor Relationship Be Saved?

The following list of things to think about comes from the website of The Citizens’ Council for Healthcare Freedom.  

If you do not like the way you answer the questions, it may be time to do something different.  It may be time to go to a Direct Primary Care physician who works directly with and for you, not the insurance companies.



Your life will depend on having trusted, skilled advocates in your corner. Patients are often scared, frequently dependent on others for life, and in great need of a sense of safety and care. This intimate vulnerability is the basis for the Hippocratic oath, medical ethics and patient confidentiality.

But how cared for and safe do you feel in today’s health care system? Consider:

  • Is your insurance card requested before your name?
  • Are you given questionnaires to gather personal details on you and your family unrelated to the visit?
  • Are you forced to see a physician’s assistant instead of a physician?
  • If you want to pay cash, are you made to feel second-class?
  • Does the consent form force you to agree to other things (e.g. research) even if you only want to consent to treatment and billing?
  • Does the doctor look you in the eye or stare at the computer?
  • Is a scribe in the room listening and clicking your words into a computer?
  • Has your physician told you your tests and treatment options could be limited by the computer?
  • If you want to talk about more than one issue, must you make another appointment?
  • If you bring a list of questions, are they welcomed?
  • Are detailed discharge instructions and sufficient time to ask questions provided?


It is time for doctors and patients to take back medicine and work together, rather than do what the insurance companies coerce us to do.

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