31% of Physicians Want to Retire Early!

The following is taken from the Citizen’s Council for Healthcare Freedom:

It is islustrative of what is going on in health care.  Physicians are feeling devalued and bullied.  They cannot practice the way they and their patients feel is right.

We believe that the best form of healthcare reform is to have doctors working directly for patients, without government bureaucrats or insurance conglomerates interfering.  With the direct primary care model (DPC), patients get fantastic access to care for a reasonable monthly fee.  Doctors no longer have to deal with the issues mentioned below that leads to burnout.  It is a win/win.

31% of Physicians Want to Retire Early!

A national survey shows physician burnout escalating since 2011. Using a scale of 1 to 10, over 75% of doctors surveyed put their stress level at above 6. Fully 48% reported stress due to health care reform and 43% due to paperwork and administrative demands. Consequently, 42% desire fewer work hours and 31% want to retire early. Unless the regulatory burden and bureaucratic interference are minimized, expect poorer care for patients and fewer working physicians. (Graphic from StarTribune.com)

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