Millions of Americans Refuse Health Insurance

The news below is taken from the Citizen’s Council for Healthcare Freedom e-newsletter:

The Affordable Care Act was passed for the ‘benefit’ of the 50 million people who couldn’t get health insurance. Now, the Congressional Budget Office has projected that 45 percent of that population will decline health coverage willingly. Studies reveal that 16-17 million have purchased insurance because of the law and roughly 35 million still are uninsured. Many people like Lisa (Glendale, California) refuse to buy coverage because “Usually I can get a better deal than if I had insurance.”


The “Affordable” Care Act is failing on all fronts, even though it is being propped up by insurance companies who profit directly from it, the present administration, as well as the Supreme Court.

The majority of American citizens are not benefiting from it, and many are suffering because of it.

The American people have always been independent and like to think for themselves.  They reject Obamacare because they know they can do better.  

The truly American thing to do would be to unleash the power of the free market.  It works everywhere it is tried, and people are starting to realize that it can in healthcare as well.  

We advocate that patients contract directly with their doctors and other healthcare providers, rather than use an expensive insurance middleman.  We also support the use of health savings accounts (HSAs), and having true catastrophic coverage, or membership in a faith based health ministry organization if eligible.

Michael A. Ciampi, M.D.

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