How Much Care Could Have Been Paid For With Money Wasted on The Obamacare Website?

We have all heard examples of how the government wastes taxpayer money on pet projects, pork, no-bid contracts, or just stupid things in general.  It is sometimes hard to put such large numbers into real terms so that those of us used to smaller numbers, like on our bank statements, can have some perspective.

Let me give you one that will likely annoy, if not infuriate you.  If it doesn’t, then it should.  It is estimated that the still floundering and user-unfriendly “Healthcare dot gov”, aka the Obamacare, website cost taxpayers an estimated 635 million dollars.  Even if the price tag were one fifth of that, you would expect to get a product that was top of the line.  It would be efficient, responsive, interactive, and be able to handle all the traffic mandated to go to it.  Also, you would expect it to be very secure, and not put the user at risk for identity theft.  Unfortunately, we all know that none of these expectations have been met.  It has been a couple years now, and they still aren’t.

Just think what could have been done in the health care sector with that amount of money.  While it certainly could have gone to line the pockets of the insurance company executives, CEOs of “non-profit” hospitals, or the stockholders of the pharmaceutical companies, I have a better idea.  It could have paid for actual healthcare for more than one million Americans for a year.  I am not talking about paying someone’s insurance premium for a policy with draconian rules, restricted networks, and unaffordable deductibles.  I am talking about actual health care delivered to real people by real doctors.

The way this is possible is by the use of Direct Primary Care.  In this model of health care delivery, a patient has a personal service agreement with their family doctor, internist, or their child’s pediatrician.  The costs are transparent and predictable.  They are also affordable for most Americans.  Starting usually at $50/month, or $600/year, (less than most people spend on coffee or their cell phones), a patient is offered all the services their primary care physician offers in their office, which amounts to about 80-90% of the total health care that most people need.  That being the case, $600 goes into $635,000,000 well over a million times.  Math so simple, even a congressman might be able to do it…or…never mind….

Keep in mind that DPC is not insurance.  If you are hit by a car, have a heart attack, or get cancer, you would want to have a high deductible insurance plan or faith based health ministry membership already in place to avoid financial ruin.  It does not cover labs, x-rays, or medications, but often DPC doctors can get them for you at substantial discounts.   Nonetheless, it is a very affordable option for most.

DPC practices are so affordable because they avoid all the expensive overhead involved with dealing with the insurance companies and the government.  They work directly with and for their patients, with no middleman.

The above being the case, we want to make it clear that we don’t want the government to take the money from taxpayers to give the DPC practices.  We believe in cutting out the middleman to save money.  We would ask that the government let the taxpayer keep his/her own money so they can negotiate with their doctor directly, to each other’s mutual benefit.

It is a radical concept that may seem foreign to many in the government.  There is strong evidence that it will work.  It does every time it is tried.  It is called The Free Market.

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