Dr. Keith Smith Dissects “The EMR Scam”

Dr. Keith Smith is the co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.  He is a personal hero of mine.  He took the bold move of publishing the all inclusive prices of surgeries performed at his center.  These are prices that reflect the cash discount that can be achieved when doctors do not have to deal with insurance companies.  In some cases, his facility charges 90% less than “non-profit” hospitals across town for the same surgery with the same doctors.  He helped to start the free market medical revolution.

On our “Helpful Links” page, we provide links to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, as well as to Dr. Smith’s blog.  I highly recommend them.

He also has a video blog on the SCO YouTube page.  I recommend that as well.

To understand why the medical system is dysfunctional, watch Dr. Keith Smith dissecting “The EMR Scam”:

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