Ciampi Family Practice is a Direct Primary Care Practice

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Welcome to Ciampi Family Practice.

Welcome to Ciampi Family Practice.
We are a primary care practice with a tradition of medical care excellence since 1959.

Our personal and creative approach does not extend only to medical care.  We have adopted a direct primary care membership plan that allows us to provide high quality personalized medical care that is affordable for your family’s budget.  Here is how it works:

For less than what most people spend on coffee or their cell phones, we provide our patients with compassionate, personalized primary medical care services with unprecedented access to their experienced primary care physician.

Included as part of the membership:

  • One hour annual wellness visits

  • Office visits for acute illnesses, usually the same day, or within one business day

  • Management of chronic medical issues

  • Minor surgical procedures and some joint injections

  • Freezing of warts and other skin lesions

  • EKGs, spirometry (breathing tests), ABIs (circulation screening tests)

  • Finger stick blood testing and urine tests

  • Laboratory tests sent to outside labs provided at cost plus a $10 draw fee

  • Many generic medications are available in office or on order at wholesale cost

  • E-mail and telephone access directly to your physician

  • Discounts on house calls

  • No co-payments or scheduling fees

  • Every visit with your personal physician, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner who did not go to medical school

  • Vaccines for children provided at no cost, supplied by the state of Maine

  • Vaccines for adults provided at our wholesale cost

  • Enhanced patient privacy because we do not use electronic medical records

  • And more …


  • Inpatient care of hospitalized patients

  • Nursing home visits

  • Colonoscopies

  • X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT scans or MRIs

  • Specialty consultations

  • Legal proceedings and depositions

To find out more about how we can serve your medical care needs in an affordable manner, please click on the links below, or simply click the “enroll now” link to join our membership plan.

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We do not prescribe narcotics for chronic pain or medical marijuana

All new patients in our practice will be on our Direct Primary Care subscription plan.

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